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Orthomolecular prevention / Micronutrient therapy

Micronutrient therapy


Orthomolecular treatment consists of a diet with large quantities of micronutrients, which are used to prevent diseases and as a complementary treatment to eliminate
toxic substances. As far back as the 1960s, Linus Pauling recognised that many chronic diseases occur when the body’s nutrient balance is disturbed by deficiency or
functional imbalance.
During periods of nutrient deficiency, toxic substances will remain in the organism for longer periods and can cause greater damage; this is because micronutrients like ascorbic acid (vitamin C) otherwise act as antioxidants.
The following micronutrients are used in treatment:
− cysteine, methionine and glutathione as chelating agents,
− citrate and vitamin C as glutathione complexing agents,
− selenium to promote glutathione synthesis,
− zinc, manganese and copper to stimulate superoxide dismutase activity,
− secondary plant substances to promote detoxification and elimination,
− calcium and magnesium to prevent contaminant absorption,
− vitamin B complex and folic acid for methionine and cysteine metabolism.