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Treatment of pain with methods of local and regional analgesia.

Swiss Pain and Detox Clinic Kreuzlingen

Krassimir Shelev, MD, MSc., CEO

In our clinic, we offer a holistic approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain. With years of experience in the treatment of pain under ambulatory and clinical conditions, we present an optimal therapeutic concept – the multimodal and constitutional approach to pain management. Patients with acute pain syndromes, complex regional pain syndrome (Sudeck’s disease), back pain headaches and migraines will get an appointment within 24 hours.

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Our clinic offers a holistic approach to treating acute and chronic pain.


Orthomolecular treatment consists of a diet with large quantities of micronutrients, which are used to prevent diseases and as a complementary treatment to eliminate toxic substances. As far back as the 1960s, Linus Pauling recognised that many chronic diseases occur when the body’s nutrient balance is disturbed by deficiency or functional imbalance.
Unlike our western medicine, Far Eastern medicine looks at human beings from a holistic perspective and not divided into a series of disciplines. It seeks not only to heal diseases, but also to prevent the emergence of serious and chronic conditions.
Vitamin C is involved in many essential stages of metabolism and is the most effective physiological antioxidant in the blood. Oxidative stress induces vitamin C deficiency, exacerbating inflammation and disturbing the functions of the immune system, nervous system, bone, skin and connective tissue in particular.
The system of acupuncture meridians is derived from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a medical heritage that has existed for over 3,000 years. Meridians are functional circles organised in a specific structure that act together as a control mechanism. TCM speaks of ten organ-based meridians; they can be grouped into five functional circles according to the principles of polarity in yin and yang.
Natural medicine is a collection of knowledge, habits and methods that belong to different cultures, theories and beliefs. The methods are used to preserve and prevent health, for the diagnosis or treatment of physical and mental illnesses and to improve the health of the patient.

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